Heroes Fest Bogotà

Just for Heroes

A lively university campus since early morning, the soccer field set up to welcome thousands of people, scenario and inspirational speeches, music, workshops about philosophy, science and business all over the place. We are at the Heroes Fest in Bogotà, Colombia, a 3-days happening that takes place in the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. 

A festival crafted for and by young students and entrepreneurs, a festival just for Heroes! 

Here you can feel that passion about sharing projects and ideas I always mention in my speeches: hundreds of companies from Central and South America were selected to participate among more than 11.000 applicants. The ideal place to speak about my thoughts on the role of New Heroes and about the chance to craft a new, game-changing idea of Economy. Topics that fit with contemporary Colombia, a young end emerging country, where I have experienced first hand a great passion and energy in building tomorrow’s society.