Once I saw a Butterfly Fly Without Wings

5 years, 7 months ago, reading time: 4 mins.

People should never be judged and treated based on what they accidentally are or have been, they should be treated for what they consciously would, could …. and thus should be.

This is the short story of a gift, of an unexpected encounter between 1302 hearts: mine, hers and theirs. And when a gift is sincere, pure, unselfish, useful and oriented to the well-being, those that give do not differ from those that receive, and there’s an alchemy where reciprocity becomes everything.

“Do some good, it doesn’t matter what they’ll say about you or why you do it, just do some good!”

This willpower inspired me when I returned to SanPa. As soon as I got at the rehabilitation center and as soon as I met the 1300 young people again, despite the fact that I hadn’t visited in months, it felt like we never parted. We started from where we had left off, with the words of a man, Patrizio Paoletti, to whom I owe a lot: “Let your life be a gift, and let this gift be meaningful for everybody and everything”.

San Patrignano is a true story, and a true story can only be meaningful. Even Simona Atzori is a true story, a story that maybe I wanted to tell to the young people at SanPa to hear it out loud myself, for the umpteenth time. Simona’s story is, to me, the story of the gift of possibility, because Simona is “the possibilityembodied in a butterfly that flies without wings. Simo is an amazing human being, a woman, a dancer, movement and silence. Simona has shown us all that “possibility” is a gift for anyone that doubts that he can be master of his own fate, captain of his own soul.

Paraphrasing the wonderful Butterfly and adding my own thought… In the past I wasn’t here, I won’t be here in an instant or tomorrow. I’m here now, in this moment. And mine is not a fairytale. My fairytale is your fairytale. And our fairytales are the shows of life. I love all expressions of art because they allow us to communicate directly, letting our conscience speak for us, using the language of goosebumps, of gut feelings, of instinct, of tears and smiles. That language is like a global hug. It doesn’t matter if you have arms or not, if you’re extremely tall or extremely short, if you’re white, black, yellow or green. What matters is that you are.

It may be trivial, but a limit is just something to overcome. And life constantly challenges you to overcome it. A limit is a challenge to your desire to see what’s next. Sometimes, a limit can remain just that: a limit. But recognizing and accepting a limit is not a defeat, it is a profound awakening, you become conscious of where you are, of what you can do. A limit is your biggest ally, because it helps you understand who you are, how much you’re worth. And you are not worth a lot or a little, you’re worth it.

You’re able to do some things, you’re not able to do other things, but, actually, those things that you’re not able to do can be achieved by other means, and this is the possibility that we never grant ourselves: the other possibility. Simona is the other possibility, that possibility that we can only grant to ourselves. Simona has taken her life into “her” own hands, those hands that someone still calls feet, those feet that no one dares to call hands.

This is the video of our encounter with possibility. Take some time off, take a deep breath, watch it, and then ask yourself: What do I lack to be happy?